State Owned Enterprises


The government of Myanmar retains exclusive rights to conduct business in certain sectors. These are outlined in the State-Owned Economic Enterprises Law (enacted 1989). The law allows local and foreign investors to conduct business in these sectors through contracts or joint venture agreements with the government.
By law, the government has final authority over all aspects of operations in these sectors, including the production, transportation, storage and sale of products, and may halt, change or make prescriptions with due notification.
However, in some cases the government does permit private companies to operate with a high degree of autonomy in these sectors, including private power, airlines and telecom companies. Permits, regulations and procedures for these business fall under the authority of the specific government ministry that oversees the sector.

List of State-Owned Sectors

  • Teak wood
    • Extraction, domestic sale and exporting
  • Forested plantations
    • Cultivation and conservation, excepting village owned firewood plantations for the personal use of the villagers
  •  Petroleum and natural gas
    • Exploration, extraction, processing, refinement, domestic sale and exporting
  • Pearls, jade and precious stones
    • Exploration, extraction and exporting
  • Fisheries reserved for government research
    • Breeding and production of fish, prawns and other aquatic livestock
  • Postal and telecommunication Services
  • Air and railway transportation Services
  • Banking and insurance Services
  • Broadcasting and television Services
  • Metal
    • Exploration, extraction and exporting
  • Electricity Generating Services
    • Other than private and co-operative electricity generating services permitted by law
  • Weapons, ammunition and other products related to security and defense 
Source Credit : Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (

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