Myanmar Overview

Land Area

676,578 km2 (261,228 sq mi)
Water (%)


Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia. Myanmar is bordered by India and Bangladesh to its west, Thailand and Laos to its east and China to its north and northeast.

Capital (Administrative)

Naypyidaw (Nay Pyi Taw)

Naypyitaw is the modern capital of Myanmar (Burma), north of former capital, Yangon.

National Flag and Anthem

In the flag, the yellow represents national unity; the color green stands for peace, serenity, and flora; the color red illustrates bravery and firmness, and the white star represents the country’s union.

"Kaba Ma Kyei" is the Burmese national anthem. It has been the national anthem of Myanmar since 1947. It consists of two parts, the first is a traditional Burmese style section, before transitioning into the second half, a Western-style orchestra.

Language & Religious


There are approximately a hundred languages spoken in Myanmar (also known as Burma). Burmese, spoken by two thirds of the population, is the official language.

Theravāda Buddhism - 87.9%
Christianity - 6.2%
Islam - 4.3%
Other - 1.6%


Myanmar Kyat (MMK)


54 million

GDP (Total)

69.32 billion USD (2017)

GDP (Per Capita)

1,490 USD (2017)

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