Fund Raising

Our “Fund Raising Service” includes advisory and matching for best funding way to your planned business.

Comparison of Fund Raising method

Target Investors
Foreign Local Description
Private Equity Fund
  • Foreign participation is allowed up to 35% with a local company status according to the new Companies Act.
  • Due deligence by PE fund typically takes around 3-6 months
Principal Investment
  • Targeting foreign companies (including financial institutions) willing to invest in Myanmar companies for financial gain
  • Faster decision making than PE fund due to less accountability
Joint Venture
  • Targeting strategic investors with technical expertise for your planned business, aiming at creating synergies with JV partner
  • Often times Myanmar local company contribute s in kind by land lease
Private Placement
  • Target to local high net worth individual
  • Fast decision and deal execution
Public Offering
  • Creating prospectus to be filed to SECM (Securities Exchange Commission of Myanmar)
  • Negotioating with local financial institution for large scale of share distribution

TVP Group is a local firm that provides highest standard financial advisory services to both Myanmar companies and MNCs. With our diverse corporate network, we support our clients on group structuring, valuation, M&A, Joint Venture structuring and research, while offering a fair pricing.

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