Our Roles in M&A, JV Process


  • Screening and identifying potential buyers through TVP’s global network
  • Distributing a teaser to potential buyers, with company’s business overview and outlook
    for further screening and identifying potential buyers through TVP’s global network, TVP distributes a teaser which contains the Company’s business overview and outlook to the potential buyers
  • Signing NDA with interested buyer for further information disclosure Provided potential buyer’s serious interest, TVP will sign NDA with potential buyer and share Information Memorandum. IM normally includes company’s strategic development, specific industry overview, sales and production strategy and financial projection.
  • Due diligence and valuation are prepared by the buyer’s financial advisor. Representing the sell side, TVP will prepare a fair valuation for the company owner.
  • Signing JV agreement or Share Purchase agreement - completing the deal.

M&A, JV Roles


Identify, screen and finalize a list of potential buyers (strategic and financial) — in collaboration with client


Contact potential buyers


Prepare information material (e.g. teaser, information memorandum, financial projection. management presentation) and support the client in the preparation of the data room


Distribute information material to potential buyers whenever it creates value


Coordinate and supervise the activity of all advisors / professionals involved in the transactions


Provide all relevant support to the client during the due diligence


Assist the client in responding to potential buyers' enquiries, during the due diligence


Advise the client on the relative merits, advantages and disadvantages of all offers received, and prepare a shortlist of the preferred bidders to proceed to subsequent rounds


Assist the client in defining the most appropriate financial and corporate structure for the transaction


Assist the client in negotiating economic conditions of the transaction

TVP Group is a local firm that provides highest standard financial advisory services to both Myanmar companies and MNCs. With our diverse corporate network, we support our clients on group structuring, valuation, M&A, Joint Venture structuring and research, while offering a fair pricing.

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